StarBright Mobile App

StarBright is built to help parents motivate and reward positive behaviour in children in a fun and engaging way.


Goal and Star Charts

StarBright is the perfect app to help parents promote positive behaviour in children, making it easy to keep track of goals and reward children when personal goals are achieved.

Child Mode

Install StarBright on children's devices and they can monitor their own charts and goals, and request stars when goals are achieved. Parents receive notifications when stars are requested, helping motivate children to complete goals unprompted.

Share Charts

StarBright charts can be shared with family and friends, enabling extended families to get creative with engaging children in positive and rewarding habits.


Good parenting doesn't have to be a challenge.

StarBright charts makes Good Parenting a more rewarding and comfortable endeavour. Create a positive environment for your child to grow and feel rewarded when goals are worked toward.

"StarBright helped us to motivate our son to work toward goals and feel a sense of achievement when many steps were made toward a long term goal."

  • John Dunne,

A Perfect Parenting Tool

StarBright has a wealth of features to help parents teach children positive habits in a positive and rewarding environment.


Weekly Goal Chart

Organising Goals on a Weekly Goal chart makes awarding and appreciating progress easy.

Calm Parenting

Make your mobile devices do all the hard work of good parenting via the power of Star Charts.

Family Progress

Watching children make progress is rewarding, fun and easy for both parents and children.

Tailor Charts

Help children improve habits and focus by adapting new goals to put good parenting into auto pilot!

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